Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look Familiar?

Here's an interesting product I found in the Dick Blick 'Holiday Catalog' that just came yesterday. Looks very much like what I wanted for our students in Escape Artists this year. Want a treat? Visit the Blick website. I have always had excellent dealings with this company: fair prices, fast service, and knowledgeable staff. Check them out if you're looking to 'dabble' in ANY artform.

Oh, last weekend at (my) Half-Price Books (in Watuaga, Texas) they had some great looking 'kits' right at the front near the registers. One was an acrylic set with everything including what looked like a couple of terrific brushes, all for less than $10! The other was a Chinese-brush-painting kit. This kit had a grinding stone, ink-stick, 2 brushes, and of course the guide book, all for $15! If you've ever thought for a moment about either of these painting styles/media I'd suggest you check them out immediately.

For any 'Galaxy Quest' fans, I KNOW what you're thinking: "By Grapthar's hammer, what a savings!" Why not try it - even on your own - you'll at least have a laugh.

Update: found my note with publishers'/manufacturers' info...
Chinese-brush-painting: $14.98 from 'Spicebox'
Acrylic painting: Walter Foster. I can't find the specific kits even on the WF site (, but my note says they were $7.98 each with two or three different pre-lined cardboard 'canvases' to choose from. The one I thought a 'best' first choice was a sunflower still-life.

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