Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Step-by-Step Australian Landscape Demo

Ink your pencil tracing - except for the white areas you marked with a "W" first!

Give the SKY a middle blue & let it dry, then go over everything else (except the whites) with a golden-tan. Let it dry.

Mix up a batch of red-brown and paint your rocks and the ground around the grass-clumps. Start to green-up your trees with a middle tone.

Complete your middle-greens in the trees & grass-clumps saving some of that sunny-tone for ready-made highlights.

Give the grass-clumps and trees some dimension by adding deeper greens, using directional 'leaf-shaped' strokes for the grass. Make rich shadow-colors by adding compliments (opposites on the color wheel - and in your paintbox, instead of plain old black)

Finishing steps: deepen sky tones, deepen rock/dirt tones, add shadows coming from grass-clumps and on 'left sides' of rock formations. Put some 'texture' on the ground and rocks using the smallest amount of rock-shadow tone and a small brush. Boost the drama of your picture by inking in some grass leaves now that you have the shapes in color.

Oops! One more thing: don't forget to GENTLY erase all those 'W's.

Here are the video-demos to go along with the photos, above.

1) 1:14 - Tracing & Inking (4 short parts) part 1
2) 2:08 - part 2 (saving the whites)
3) 1:35 - part 3
4) 1:13 - part 4 (Inking some dotted lines)
5) 3:05 - Painting (finally) the Sky
6) 3:44 - Golden-Yellow everywhere...
7) 7:40 - Rocks & Dirt and starting your greens
8) 6:05 - Finish your greens (they're good for you!) & add some shadows
9) 6:06 - Deepen-the-Dirt & add shadows to your Rocks
10) 6:30 - Deepen the Sky & 'texturize' the foreground dirt & Rock formations

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