Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Madagascar Mountain Escape

This was our first experience with a painting material from "Yupo." The sheets are translucent polypropylene, which means they can be inked simply by placing the Yupo over a 'master line drawing' and traced in ink.

Brief experiments proved neither our otherwise terrific Uniball permanent black pens nor fine line Sharpies would work well. The latter came across as fairly pale, believe it or not. In the end what worked was India ink applied with an old-fashioned crow quill pen. It dried surprisingly fast and never bled-a-drop, as you can clearly see from the sharp lines in all the paintings below.

"Yupo paper": (
Crow quill pen (

Miss R. Fadler

Master N. Davis

Miss N. Buckingham

Miss M. Wolfe

Miss K. Breeding

Master J. Wolters

Miss H. Ridge

Master D. Harwell

Miss C. Lee

Master B. Davis

Miss A. Escue

Miss A. Cole

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