Saturday, September 12, 2009

We ran out of time.

This past Wednesday I tried to fit too many things into our class time. Because of this we'll take this coming week to finish the students' barely-begun paintings. This time I will send them home with the base-drawing for our next view, that way they can pencil-the-back and be all set to begin making their transfer-drawing as soon as they have their "painting-station" set up.

So from now on ask if they have a base-drawing to "prepare." I know you know how to do these, but see if you can get them to teach the technique to you.

One of the fun things I had all prepared - but couldn't find any time for - was a set of four mini "mystery-painting" challenges secretly packed in individual Altoids' tins. Next week four students bold enough to accept them will find a business-card size drawing of a seashell fragment I picked up especially for this project while on our August vacation in Alabama. These students are tasked with: adding some missing details, inking, and then painting their mini-picture. They may try and paint realistic colors or imagine other colors at will.

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Denise said...

This is so cool! Ceili and I love looking in on the blog. She said she is absolutely brave enough to take on the mystery painting challenge!

She also has her Namibia fun-fact, if it's not too late.

See you in the morning!

Off to grade chemistry and go to bed...

Denise Lee