Thursday, September 17, 2009

This Week in Pictures: a Namibian Sunset

painted by: M. J. Wolfe

painted by: K. Breeding
Note: Miss Breeding did some "scrubbing out" and some color "lifting" (if I recall correctly) this week, proving the superiority of working on a nice heavy (140lb) paper.

painted by: B. Davis
Note: Master B. Davis proved this week that even for graphic artists "the show must go on." He was forced to complete this assignment without benefit of his "dominant hand." (Rumor has it the injury to said hand occurred during a tussle with airport security over the "safety" of carrying watercolors across international boundaries, int'l waters or some such.) Bravo, B.

painted by: A. Escue
Note: Ms. Escue used a more dilute set of washes here, showing how adaptable our Pelikan opaque paints are. Opaque colors will not be as "clean and clear looking" as traditional Transparent wc, but they can certainly be used that way.

painted by: C. Lee

painted by: H. Ridge

painted by: R. Fadler

<........................................................painted by: J. Wolters

painted by: N. Buckingham

painted by: N. Davis

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TexasHomeSchoolMom said...

Awesome paintings by some awesome kiddo's! Thanks so much for sharing. Now we can share my daughters work with her aunts and uncles. Thanks so much.