Thursday, November 12, 2009

First stop in North America? N.Y.C. of course...

Master N. Davis.
Feel like your looking at a movie-still and things are about to get a little scary? Well, stay tuned (by that I mean look at the next version, below - you were right...)

Master D. Harwell.
A mysterious sort of scene. (Or is it just me?)

Miss N. Buckingham
Is it just me (again) or does this have a 'futuristic look' to it? I know, paying attention to too many movies like "Aeon Flux"...

Master J. Wolters
Great colors. Notice the detailing on the Empire State's upper tower.

Master B. Davis
Great 'depth-of-field' by not only using various 'shades' for the layers of buildings, but changing up the colors, too. Works perfectly to capture this 'superhero moment.'

Miss A. Escue

Miss R. Fadler
Exceptionally beautiful color-transitions in this sky.

Miss M. Wolfe
D R A M A T I C.
You know those evenings when the sun seems to set the entire sky on fire and then it just GOES BLACK...

Miss K. Breeding
She missed starting this last week with the rest of her classmates due to an illness but has beautifully 'caught up' I'd say. Perhaps a few window-indications, but this delicately-moody version is virtually finished. Bravo, K.

Miss H. Ridge
I'm betting all eyes are drawn immediately to the Empire State Building is this version, as they likely are to the real thing when one is in its vicinity.

Miss C. Lee
Check out the close-up and note the subtle hand in adding the paler window-shapes.

Miss A. Cole
This is the only version to use something other than a darker window-color and I like it very much. It's approaching sunset and there's not much contrast evident between illuminated office windows and the last of the sun's strength. A''s forcing us to go in close and really look.

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